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Tom Jacobson’s expertise lies in his ability to carefully listen, observe, and interact with you, then to deliver a treatment plan that works. At its most immediate level, good bodywork relaxes you deeply and relieves muscular tension and soreness. Still greater benefit is within reach: every one of us has a natural self-healing capacity, which can be revealed and maximized by excellent bodywork. Tom can help you learn specific ways to prevent pain by identifying risks and minimizing their potential to become harmful.

Tom’s bodywork is based on Hoshino Therapy, an oil-less acupressure-like style of deep tissue or structural integration bodywork utilizing supportive full-hand contact invented by the late Tomezo Hoshino. This bodywork is always tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client, thus it can be comfortable and effective regardless of age, physical fitness, or medical history.

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Tom creates a healing space where you feel cared for and comforted. His skillful compassionate touch is powerful therapy. 

Yoga & Movement Therapy

Tom offers yoga-based movement instruction both privately and in small classes.

Exercises Tailored to You

When we become more attentive and sensitive to our breath, our posture, and how we move, we connect with our expansive ability to release tension and live with more ease. This approach to yoga allows us to look within whenever we wish. Tom’s instruction does not emphasize strenuous muscular effort, but rather releasing tension as we go about daily activities. Learn to tap into your foundational deep intelligence and naturally-expressive breath, and you can grow more vitality, balance, and poise.

Have you found past exercises to be only partially or temporarily effective? Tom’s individual work draws on a wide variety of movement techniques to help you discover new ways to resolve stubborn pain, limited movement, and poor posture. This work can be valuable to people of all ages, from all walks of life...for the rest of your life.

About Tom Jacobson

Tom Jacobson, BCTMB, has practiced and taught bodywork, movement, yoga, and integrative healthcare for over 35 years. Tom's fascination with human bio-mechanics and therapeutics has guided his diverse studies of movement, functional anatomy, healing, bodywork, and integrative medicine.

Hatha yoga has remained a dynamic anchor throughout this journey. Tom is a long-time student of Carol Nelson, and John Stirk. Since studying restorative yoga in the 1980s with Judith Lasater and Mary Schatz, it has been a major influence in his practice and work. Tom has a B.A. from Middlebury College.

Tom was a clinician at Brigham & Women’s Hospital’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, 2007-2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is bodywork?

The term Bodywork refers to therapies which are employed to benefit the structure and function of the human body.

This very large family (hundreds) of approaches includes touch therapies—ranging from barely palpable to very deep, movement therapies—to help improve posture and function, and "energetic" therapies—aimed to balance various vital energies in and around the body. Many bodyworkers use a combination of these methods.

2. How does Equilibrium Bodywork differ from other types?

Tom Jacobson uses a unique combination of deep, precise, and gentle soft-tissue techniques he has developed during 35+ years of clinical practice. Patients have reported that his work feels like a blend of Shiatsu and Structural Integration and indeed this work has strong influences from both of these approaches. Tom's refined touch results in bodywork which feels comfortable and soothing while also penetrating to deep connective tissue structures (fascia) safely and effectively. A common misunderstanding exists that bodywork must be EITHER relaxing OR deep, but in skilled hands one discovers that deep AND relaxing work can be a regular experience with bodywork. When good hands are combined with Tom's attentiveness, nurturing and problem-solving skills, every encounter has more potential to be healing...and to feel great.

3. What do these credentials mean?

"B.C.T.M.B.", means Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and is a credential bodyworkers may hold by meeting certain eligibility criteria, taking and passing an examination, upholding a national Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice, and demonstrating continued education in the field. Tom has this credential.

When you see "AMTA" or "ABMP" these initials indicate membership in a professional association (there are several). Tom belongs to ABMP: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

4. What can I expect during my appointment?

Concern for your comfort, care, and safety will be uppermost at all times.

A typical initial session begins with you filling out a confidential health questionnaire. Then, with your informed consent, you and Tom will discuss the reason for your visit, and how the session will proceed. You will be left alone while you undress and get comfortable on the massage table, and cover yourself with the clean sheet provided. You are encouraged to communicate your needs at all times.

5. Must I disrobe?

You decide what to wear. Tom's bodywork typically does not involve the application of oil or lotion, and can be effective through thin clothing. Your body will be draped with a sheet throughout the session, and only the area being worked with will be exposed.

6. Will my health insurance cover Equilibrium Bodywork sessions?

Generally, no. In the future, bodywork may become a covered expense, as data continue to accumulate from the sorts of scientific research—randomized clinical trials, etc—required by the health insurance industry. As part of a competitive industry, insurance plans will also change as they continue to hear from the insured—that's you—that patients demand to have bodywork as a covered expense. Many patients claim bodywork as a deductable health care expense on their taxes.

7. Should my physician know that I am getting or considering bodywork?

Yes, certainly. It is always recommended that you consult with and/or inform your physician when working with a bodyworker or other health professional.

8. Is the Equilibrium Bodywork office wheelchair accessible?

Yes, and there is parking directly in front, for those with the appropriate placard or license plate.

Rates and Payment

You can pay for your session online using Paypal, or with cash, check or credit card at the time of your session. Rates subject to change. Tipping is not expected.

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Tom Jacobson

Private sessions, yoga classes, or house calls BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please no walk-ins.

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Equilibrium Bodywork office is wheelchair accessible.