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Tom Jacobson’s expertise lies in his ability to carefully listen, observe, and interact with you, then to deliver a treatment plan that works. At its most immediate level, good bodywork relaxes you deeply and relieves muscular tension and soreness. Still greater benefit is within reach: every one of us has a natural self-healing capacity, which can be revealed and maximized by excellent bodywork. Tom can help you learn specific ways to prevent pain by identifying risks and minimizing their potential to become harmful. Tom’s massage work is based on Hoshino Therapy, an oil-less acupressure-like style of deep tissue or structural integration bodywork utilizing supportive full-hand contact invented by the late Tomezo Hoshino. This bodywork is always tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client, thus it can be comfortable and effective regardless of age or physical fitness.

Tom creates a healing experience where you feel cared for and comforted. Skillful compassionate touch is therapeutic. Your skin knows it, your deeper structures know it, and you know it.

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